Ethiopian Tizita Music

12 thoughts on “Ethiopian Tizita Music

  1. I have been listening to your wonderful collection of “Ethiopian Tizita Music”. It has been refreshing, relaxing, soothing and wholesome in taking ones mind to time immemorial at home. But it should have been wise for you to include the respective singer’s name in each song.

    Is there anyway to download your songs, of course, free of virus?

  2. OMG! I like and enjoy with “Ethiopian Tizita Music”! SO Nice, Beauty and Best Collection.

  3. I would love to know the names of the artists on Track 4 and the title of the song. It’s an amazing live performance. Thank-you for all the tracks.

  4. This is really wonderful for a man like me who is far from home and family. It reminds me a beatiful culture and country we Ethiopians own.

  5. I have been listening to your lovely collection music, i started lestning it since 1:30 am 3:00 am i liked it well it is enjoyable tizita that i love it thank you and God bless all of you.

  6. I am in the middle of a very good book set in Addis Ababa by Abraham Verghese, called Cutting for Stone. Tizita music is mentioned but not well explained. I found your site and now am listening to it while I read. It is my first taste of Ethiopian music and I find it hauntingly beautiful. It really deepens my reading experience. Thank you.

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